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  • Listening to: The Phoenix Reborn by Crown The Empire
  • Reading: The Complete Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Watching: About A Boy (TV Show)
  • Playing: Red Dead Redemption (was the last game I played)
  • Eating: Lasagna & Mini Cheeseburgers
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I saw other people doing this so I thought I might join in. I actually wrote this a week ago but decided I'd wait to post it, then lost the file then found it then got it on here. It took me almost an hour. And I saved it SO I WOULDN'T LOSE IT. Like, How does this happen. No question mark, Just how. ANYWAY, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, OUR (my) FEATURE PRESENTATION:

I had just started 7th grade. There was a girl I knew that I constantly talked to on Yahoo, and she'd often send me art she'd drawn. ASDF long story short she was freaking amazing at it. And one day she convinced me that I should make an acount here and watch her. The End. No but really I'd been finding art on here for a while before then and I was using it on forums and stuff for my signatures and whatnot cause I spent like 90% of my time at home on forums or playing video games. BUT ANYWAY. I was 12 then. Now I'm almost 18. Oh how time flies. But anyway. I used that account for maybe a year then forgot about it as time passed. Throughout 10th grade and before that, in 9th, I had a girlfriend who also used dA all the time, she never tried to get me on but I'm sure she would have liked it if I did, but in the beginning of 11th grade (I was 16 then) and after she and I had split (for the first time) I decided to look back into it because my best friend at the time was very active, posting his stories and such and I thought that I might try getting in on that too (and wanting to bridge the gap between her and I, though it didn't much help, I don't think, though we did get back together half a year later only to split a few months later for the last time; I think I might be getting too personal/detailed on that). so I checked out my old account and, being unhappy with the name and a lot of things I set up wrong, started the one you're seeing this on and have been coming off and on ever since, posting short stories and my terrible, terrible art much more than I ever did before. So now after 5 or 6 years, this is my story. Thank you. Now you may move on with your day, after you read these following messages.

Happy Birthday deviantART I guess. I mean, you're kind of not a living breathing thing but you are a community of like-minded people so I guess it's okay to celebrate your birthday.

Speaking of Birthdays, mine is in like 2 days now so yay me
and and whatcha gonna get me guys huh huh

AND NOW I SHOULD BE GETTING TO BED TO HAVE MY EYES CHECKED IN THE MORN. Oh and remind me to work on my book and play Halo 2, thanks.



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm an 18 year old Author and Artist/Photographer/whatever from Washington State. I will make updates whenever the hell I feel like.

Most of all, I'm a writer; I won't post ALL my work on here, for fear that it may get stolen or whatnot and I want to release it as a book. (for my Senior Project at my school)

I like to draw random stuff, and most of it will be unlikely to end up here.

I don't take a lot of pictures, and when I do, it's likely I'm with my Mom, because we tend to see amazing picture opportunities when we're together. Probably because we travel to places that are less city than landscape and trees and amazingness.

I'm also a singer and a "screamer", practicing on the daily to someday join a band (preferably post-hardcore, metalcore, post-grunge or hard rock, even acoustic rock and maybe pop rock would be okay) and I'm "learning" to play guitar, though I rarely practice, as much as I should do it every day, but you can't tell that from my non-existent picture. I also have been attempting my vocal chords at rapping over the past couple years and it's working out slowly. I need to get better at the rhyming of words. I'm actually really not good at poetry. But I try anyway.

I play a lot of games, though not as much as I used to and I also happen to sort of design my own, though I haven't worked on it much for the last couple years. I read a lot, I watch a lot of movies, I watch a lot of TV Shows (not the stupid reality shit though, good shows with meat to them), and I listen to A LOT of music (just check out my account [under the same name], I mean, jeezus, and that's not even HALF of it since it hasn't recorded anything for about 2 years.)

I also have a YouTube that I post nothing on, just watch a lot of videos and make a lot of comments and I recently made a Vine with 3 videos, Snapchat, Twitter... Honestly, you name it, I might have an account. Except instagram. Nooope. But if you wanna contact me in other formats that aren't dA, ask about those.

Oh, and I really like girls. :meow:
Current Relationship Status; Confused :no:

Anyway, I most certainly appreciate every :+devwatch:, :+fav:, comment and whatever else. So thanks if you do! :D


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